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Jessica Rowland

Associate Attorney

Jessica RowlandJessica Rowland is an Associate Attorney with Kohl and Cook Law Firm, LLC. Jessica graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Ohio State University with a degree in political science and French, and because she liked it so much the first time, returned to earn her law degree from the Moritz College of law at Ohio State. The master of perfect timing, Jessica was pregnant at her law school graduation, and put her legal career on hold to be a mom. While doing so, she earned her MBA from Franklin University, and engaged in high-level conflict resolution, brokering many deals involving the exchange and sharing of toys and other valued items, such as Goldfish crackers. Eager to spend time away from her beloved children, Jessica broke into the field of law with a bang, representing a client at trial less than a week after receiving her attorney registration number. Don’t worry, she won. Jessica is a passionate attorney who gives her all for her clients. She prides herself on being accessible to her clients and tries to listen as much as she talks (this is hard, she talks a lot).Jessica loves running, and you’ll find her running anywhere from three to twenty miles every day around Powell, OH, where she lives with her latest and greatest husband, Bob. Jessica has three kids, Zella, Alistair, and Sumner, as well as five stepchildren who she loves but will not name, because they are all teenagers and teenagers hate stuff like that. Jessica also has a 200 lbs dog named Ajax. Even she can’t explain why she thought it was a good idea to get a 200 lbs dog, but feel free to ask her, maybe she’ll figure it out one day.


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