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Columbus Civil Litigation, Foreclosure Defense, Small Business and Consumer Attorneys


Times are tough, and hard-working people deserve better than to fall victim to businesses that scam, cheat or bully people out of their hard-earned money. Perhaps worst of all is losing your home to a predatory lender or bank that put you into a home you couldn’t afford and then takes it back the moment you get a hitch in your finances. Ohio state and federal laws protect working people, consumers and homeowners from predatory and unscrupulous businesses, if you know the laws and know how to use them. The lawyers at Kohl & Cook Law Firm know the laws, and we fight every day to protect people’s rights, make sure they are treated fairly, and help them when they aren’t. Call our experienced Columbus foreclosure defense, civil litigation & consumer attorneys today.

Savvy and Passionate Foreclosure Defense to Help You Save Your Home

A lot of lawyers who practice foreclosure defense are primarily bankruptcy attorneys who start with a bankruptcy filing to stop a foreclosure and use bankruptcy tools to help get rid of debt or make a home mortgage more affordable. We aren’t bankruptcy attorneys, and we don’t just dabble in foreclosure defense. Fighting wrongful foreclosures and keeping people in their homes is what we do. We go to court, we file federal claims, and we raise all claims, defenses and counterclaims applicable to your case. We can advise you when bankruptcy is your best option, but we won’t push you into bankruptcy prematurely, and we’ll do all we can to help you avoid bankruptcy while staying in your home.

Our comprehensive Ohio foreclosure defense practice includes helping homeowners in all of the following areas:

  • Mortgage Loan Modifications. We’ll help you file a complete and proper loss mitigation package (loan modification application) with your lender and negotiate a modification to your loan that results in lower monthly payments, reduced principal or interest, or other solutions that make your home affordable. By law, banks cannot foreclose on a home after receiving a properly filed loss mitigation package. Instead, they must follow through and consider or offer a modification for eligible homeowners.
  • Federal Actions and RESPA Claims. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act requires lenders to provide you with a good faith estimate of what your loan will cost, and the law limits the fees settlement service providers can charge. Without this law, these parties engage in kickbacks and referrals that raise the cost of your mortgage. We’ll make sure they follow the law, hold them accountable when they don’t, and stop a foreclosure based on a loan that was originated unlawfully.
  • Foreclosure Defenses. Can the lender prove they have standing in court and the legal right to foreclose on the property? Do they hold the note, and can they produce it in court? Is the foreclosure brought within the applicable statute of limitations? Our Columbus foreclosure attorneys will closely scrutinize the bank’s actions and fight any wrongful foreclosure action that doesn’t follow the law.
  • Foreclosure Avoidance. If you can’t afford to keep the home after all, we’ll help you with solutions that let you walk away from the mortgage without a foreclosure on your credit report, without an eviction, without liability for a deficiency judgment, and maybe with some cash in your pocket as well. There are right ways and wrong ways to leave a home you can’t afford. We’ll help you do it right.
  • HOA Foreclosure Defense. Homeowners are often surprised to learn their homeowner’s association can put a lien on their property for failing to pay an assessment, but it’s true. You could even lose your home if the HOA forecloses on that lien. Before they can do so, they have to follow the strict requirements laid out in Ohio’s Planned Communities Act. We know the law and will make sure the HOA follows it, and we’ll fight any wrongful foreclosure on your behalf.

Call Kohl & Cook as soon as you realize you are having trouble paying your mortgage. Even if you have already received a foreclosure notice and a sale date has been set for your home to be sold at a public auction, it’s not too late to call our foreclosure defense lawyers and get help saving your home.

Knowledgeable Consumer Law Attorneys to Make Sure You Are Being Treated Fairly

Dozens of laws are in place to protect consumers, but that doesn’t keep dishonest enterprises from preying on the innocent and taking advantage of them. Our Columbus consumer lawyers are here to protect and enforce your rights, hold unscrupulous business owners accountable for their misdeeds, and recover any monies lost or damages inflicted. We’ll even get the court to force the other party to pay your attorney’s fees so you are not out any costs to achieve justice and fair treatment. Our comprehensive consumer law practice encompasses over 20 different Ohio and federal consumer protection laws, including notably:

  • Unfair debt collection and creditor harassment
  • Deceptive sales practice
  • Credit reporting errors
  • Telemarketing and robocalls
  • Lemon law
  • Door-to-door solicitations

Don’t let yourself be a victim to illegal scams, high-pressure sales tactics, or debt collection practices that go too far and violate the law. Let our consumer law attorneys stand up for you and demand fair treatment.

Helping Individuals and Small Business Owners With Vital legal Matters

Our experienced legal team helps clients in other related areas where our knowledge and skills can prove valuable and effective, including:

  • General Civil Litigation. Our experienced courtroom litigators represent parties in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and trials to resolve breach of contract disputes, business torts, contractor disputes and the countless other conflicts that can arise with customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, competitors and others.
  • General Counsel Business Representation. Small business owners face all the same legal obligations as larger, more established companies, but they don’t have the benefit of hiring in-house legal counsel to advise and assist them on a daily basis. We are your outside in-house counsel, guiding you and helping with customer issues, employment law, competitor concerns and more. Whether you are just starting out or long-established, our Columbus small business attorneys provide the legal help you need efficiently and cost-effectively, and we are always just a phone call or email away.
  • Real Estate. Our experienced real estate legal team handles all phases of real estate contracts, from negotiating terms to obtaining financing, resolving title disputes, and representation at closing. We manage landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, and of course, foreclosures. Call Kohl & Cook for help with quiet title suits, mechanic’s liens, and any other real estate legal matter.

Contact Kohl & Cook Today

Kohl & Cook Law Firm practices throughout the state of Ohio. We have established regional offices in Columbus and Dayton (Centerville) to make working with us easier for you, but we routinely travel all over the state to resolve cases wherever they need to be handled. We offer a free consultation and a variety of affordable fee options, including contingency fees in appropriate cases. In many areas of the law we practice in, fee-shifting statutes will require the other party to pay your attorney fees so our legal services won’t cost you anything. For help with foreclosure defense, civil litigation and consumer law, or other legal services throughout the state of Ohio, call the experienced Columbus foreclosure defense & consumer law attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law firm today.

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What Clients Are Saying
Clients of Kohl & Cook appreciate our responsiveness, diligence, honesty, and the attention we give their concerns. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read what some of our clients have to say about their experiences working with our firm and the results we've been able to obtain for them.
“I worked with Tim mostly and cannot thank ...”
He was very responsive, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and both he and Sean were able to bring a positive resolution to my concern. Thank you!! Read More
Erin F.
“I worked with Sean on a complicated business ...”
He was able to cut to the main issue and resolve the situation quicker than anyone I talked to anticipated. I interviewed no less than a dozen attorney's for my case and Sean resolved a very sticky and uncomfortable situation ... Read More
Tim W.
“I contacted Kohl & Cook a few days ...”
I asked for a consultation and Sean Kohl was able to start right away. I explained that my situation was a bit strange as I live abroad but have an address in Ohio, and I was unsure of how ... Read More
Bree D.
“My wife and I had a complicated foreclosure ...”
After reaching out to Kohl & Cook we received a call back from Tim the same day. Kohl & Cook was able to combine a Federal FDCPA case against our HOA in conjunction with the Foreclosure which resulted in ... Read More
Russell P.
“Sean and Tim are a great team”
They work very diligently to make sure you have the best representation. They are very honest with you and do not promise more than the reality. They conduct research on laws to work for you if they are there in ... Read More
William H.
Sean M. Kohl, Esq.

Sean M. Kohl is an accomplished Ohio and Pennsylvania attorney with a diverse background representing small businesses and consumers against the abuses of the banking and mortgage servicing industry. Too often big law firms and large national banks do not treat local small businesses and consumers fairly. Sean strives to even the playing field in his practice by providing individualized and practical representation to each of his clients based on their unique needs and circumstances.

  • FCCLA Ohio
Proud Sponsor of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
Tim J. Cook, Esq.

Timothy J. Cook is an experienced and accomplished consumer, foreclosure defense, and civil litigation lawyer. Tim prides himself on providing personal and hands-on representation for individuals, consumers, and small businesses.

Tim is committed to thoroughly investigating and preparing each case to meet the needs and objectives of his clients.

  • FCCLA Ohio
Proud Sponsor of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
  • Rising Stars | Sean M. Kohl
  • Rising Stars | Timothy J. Cook
  • Justia | 10.0
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  • AV Preeminent
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  • Top 10 Real Estate Attorney
Foreclosure Defense
Our foreclosure defense attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm successfully assisted our client in achieving her goals regarding a foreclosure lawsuit.
Appellate Decision
Kohl & Cook recently received a successful foreclosure defense decision out of the Second District Court of Appeals stemming from a Montgomery County District case.
Investment Scam Litigation
Represented several individuals defrauded in a massive Bitcoin pyramid investment scheme and obtained multiple judgments in excess of $900,000 in damages and attorney’s fees.
Contract Dispute / Commercial Litigation
Successfully obtain dismissal of claims on behalf of business and partners – we can provide a copy of the complaint or other information to draft a synopsis.
General Business Representation
Advised successful gourmet popcorn company in the course of its normal operations including in becoming the Official Gourmet Popcorn of the Cincinnati Reds.
Excess Proceeds in Foreclosure
Obtain magistrate’s decision disallowing distribution of proceeds to third party claiming interest and allowing distribution of nearly $15,000 in excess proceeds to the former home owner.
Consumer Protection
Obtained $65,000 judgment against contractor for its violations of the CSPA during home siding installation.
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