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Columbus General Counsel Lawyer

When you are thinking about starting a business in the Columbus area, or when your business is already in operation and you need assistance drafting or reviewing contracts, or handling a dispute that has arisen, you may be able to hire outside corporate counsel in order to assist you. For many small businesses in Ohio, it is not going to make sense to have in-house counsel. When a business has in-house counsel, it has an attorney who is an employee of the business and provides legal representation only to the company. For most small businesses in the Columbus area. In-house counsel will cost more than your business may be able to pay, and in all likelihood, you will not need to have an attorney on call during all business hours. Instead, you can hire outside corporate counsel, or general counsel business representation, to assist you with legal issues as they rise for your business. Contact our Columbus general counsel business lawyer to learn more about the services we provide for small businesses in Ohio.

Types of Legal Issues Our Columbus General Counsel Business Representation Lawyers Provide

At Kohl & Cook Law Firm we represent small businesses in the Columbus area in a wide range of legal issues that arise in forming and running a company, including but not limited to the following:

  • Business formation, or entity formation;
  • Licensure and registration of your business in Ohio;
  • Contract drafting, including business-to-business contacts and employee contracts;
  • Contract review;
  • Protecting your business assets from creditors;
  • Crafting employee handbooks;
  • Complying with federal and state laws, including wage and hour laws and employment discrimination laws;
  • Negotiating when a breach of contract occurs;
  • Handling trade secret misappropriation and other business tort claims; and
  • Managing litigation.

Starting a Business with Assistance from General Counsel in Columbus

When you are thinking about starting a business in Ohio, it is essential to seek advice from outside general counsel who can assist you with a wide variety of issues concerning entity formation. As the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) explains, there are many different types of business structures you can select for your business, and it is important to choose the structure that best fits your business needs. Business structures include:

  • Sole proprietorships, which are designed for just one person who is the business owner, and the sole proprietorship and the owner will be one and the same for legal purposes (i.e., the business’s assets and liabilities are also the owner’s assets and liabilities);
  • Partnership, which is the simplest kind of business for two or more people to form, and it provides some liability protection for individual business owners;
  • Limited liability company (LLC), which has elements of both a partnership and a corporation in that business owners are protected from personal liability (similar to corporations) while profits and losses pass through the individual business owners’ personal income taxes (like a partnership); and
  • Corporations, which are the most complex type of business but provide the greatest liability protection for owners since corporations are fully their own entity and are taxed separately from the owners.

Contact Kohl & Cook Law Firm

Do you need assistance with legal issues pertaining to forming or running a company? Our firm can help. Contact our experienced Columbus general counsel business representation lawyer today.

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