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Cole Stemmer

Cole StemmerCole Stemmer is an Associate Attorney with Kohl and Cook Law Firm, LLC. Cole received his J.D. in 2023 from the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University. Cole is an Ohio product. He grew up in the Centerville area and studied at the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with a degree in English.

Cole has consistently worked to refine his craft, whatever the context. During his years of study, he learned from federal judges and experienced attorneys in the fields of workers’ compensation, tax, and insurance. While in school, he worked on publishing Moritz’s Journal of Business Law and spent a summer learning the ins-and-outs of litigation in Washington, D.C. Outside of the office, Cole is a family man. He grew up in a large, close-knit family that encouraged him to use the justice system for its intended purpose: justice. Following graduation, Cole returned to his hometown to support the community that raised him. The team at Kohl and Cook allows him to hone his craft in an environment that aligns with his values while also supporting his family.

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