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Columbus Lemon Law Attorney

Ohio’s Lemon Law provides protections for consumers who purchase passenger cars, motorcycles, and other noncommercial vehicles that have problems or defects. The Ohio Attorney General’s office clarifies that the state’s Lemon Law applies to vehicles that are for personal use, and that consumers can be eligible to seek a remedy when a manufacturer has been given a reasonable opportunity to correct a problem with the vehicle and has failed to do so. Did you recently buy a vehicle in Columbus that has a problem or defect that the manufacturer has failed to remedy? Contact our Columbus Lemon Law attorney to find out more about filing a Lemon Law claim.

What is Ohio Lemon Law?

Under Ohio law, a lemon is “a new motor vehicle that has one or more problems, covered by the warranty, that substantially impair the use, value, or safety of that vehicle.” In order for the vehicle to be considered a lemon and for the state Lemon Law to apply, the problem with the vehicle must have occurred either within the first year of owning the vehicle or within the first 18,000 miles—whichever of those comes first.

The Lemon Law will only apply to motor vehicles that are less than one year old and have not been driven 18,000 miles or more.

What You Will Need to File a Lemon Law Claim in Columbus

In order to file a Lemon Law claim, you will first need to give the manufacturer of the lemon an opportunity to repair the vehicle or to provide a refund or replacement. The manufacturer must first be provided with a “reasonable opportunity” to repair the issue. When you suspect your vehicle may be a lemon, it is important to ensure that you have a full maintenance and repair history for any work done on the vehicle, that you have a copy of your warranty, and that you have a full list of the problems or defects associated with your vehicle.

In addition, before you can file a claim, you will need to determine whether the manufacturer has had a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle. The Ohio Attorney General’s office explains that any of the following occurring with the first year or 18,000 driven miles of the vehicle will create a presumption that the manufacturer has been given a reasonable opportunity:

  • Three or more attempts have been made to repair the problem and it still exists;
  • Vehicle has been in the shop for 30 days or more in total (cumulatively) during the first year or 18,000 miles;
  • Eight or more attempts have been made to repair different problems with the vehicles; or
  • One unsuccessful attempt was made to repair a problem with the vehicle that could have caused a serious injury or death.

Contact Kohl & Cook Law Firm

If you purchased a lemon and need help filing a Lemon Law claim, you should seek advice from an attorney who can help. Our firm is committed to serving consumers in Columbus who have bought a lemon and need help obtaining a refund or replacement. Contact our experienced Columbus Lemon Law claims lawyer today.

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