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Columbus Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation attorneys provide clients with a wide range of services. When you are facing a business dispute or a matter involving commercial landlord-tenant law, or issues involving finances or real estate, you may need to engage in civil litigation. It is important to know that general civil litigation lawyers can assist you with resolving disputes before they reach the stage of litigation, providing you with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options like mediation and arbitration, or negotiating with the other party in order to resolve the dispute before it gets to court. When the dispute cannot be resolved outside the courtroom, our general civil litigation lawyers will advocate for you. Contact our experienced Columbus civil litigation lawyer to get started on your case.

Types of General Civil Litigation Matters Our Firm Handles in Columbus

  • Breach of Contract Disputes;
  • Business Torts;
  • Contractor Disputes; and
  • General Counsel Business Representation.

Both individuals and small businesses can require assistance with general civil litigation. In addition to the types of cases listed above, our firm also represents both individuals and businesses in matters involving employment law and disputes, fraud, liens, real estate and property disputes, commercial litigation, and other related matters. When you have been impacted and suffered legal harm because of another party’s actions, or your business has lost money because of the act or omission of another party or entity, you should begin working with a Columbus general civil litigation lawyer who can help you.

From Negotiations to Litigation in Columbus

General civil litigation involves much more than taking your case to court. With help from a general civil litigation attorney in Columbus, you may be able to resolve your dispute early on through information negotiations, or by turning to a form of alternative dispute resolution. When litigation is necessary, our firm will represent you zealously.

Statute of Limitations for Civil Claims in Columbus, Ohio

Legal issues that can result in civil litigation will have a statute of limitations under Ohio law. The statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. In most cases, the clock on the statute of limitations will start to tick on the date of the issue that gave rise to the lawsuit. From that point, you will have only a limited amount of time to file a claim. The statute of limitations will vary depending upon the specific type of legal issue. It is critical to seek advice from a Columbus civil litigation lawyer to ensure that you file your claim in a timely manner.

Contact Kohl & Cook Law Firm

If you have been legally harmed and have experienced financial losses as a result of another party’s decisions, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit in order to seek compensation, or to consider other options prior to litigation. Our firm routinely represents individuals and businesses alike in a wide range of general civil litigation matters, and we will advocate for you from the early stages of negotiation through litigation in the courtroom. Contact our experienced Columbus general civil litigation lawyer today.

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