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Columbus Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate law in Ohio includes both transactional matters involved in buying and selling real estate, as well as litigation that can rise when there is a real estate dispute between two or more parties. Whether you need assistance drafting or reviewing a lease or real estate sales agreement for residential or commercial property, or you require assistance with a dispute concerning matters like landlord-tenant law or foreclosure or a breach of contract, one of our lawyers can help you. Contact our Columbus real estate lawyer to get started on your case.

Types of Ohio Real Estate Law

Real estate law matters vary widely, and the dedicated Columbus real estate lawyers at Kohl & Cook Law Firm can assist you with many different types of issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Quiet Title Suits;
  • Mechanic’s Liens;
  • Landlord-tenant law and disputes;
  • Residential and commercial lease agreements;
  • Sales agreements, including drafting and review, for residential and commercial real estate;
  • Real estate breach of contract cases;
  • Mortgage financing and documentation;
  • Residential and commercial evictions;
  • Foreclosures affecting residential and commercial property; and
  • Real estate closings.

Lease and Sales Agreements for Residential and Commercial Property in Columbus

Whether you are renting or buying residential or commercial property in the Columbus area, or you are leasing or selling residential or commercial property, an Ohio real estate lawyer at our firm is here to assist you. Sales agreements and leases require assistance from a lawyer who can assist with the drafting and review of these documents before you sign them or provide them to the other party for approval. There are significant distinctions between residential and commercial property that you should discuss with a lawyer whether it concerns leasing or selling (or renting or buying) the property.

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation in Columbus, Ohio

While many real estate law matters involve transactional assistance with drafting and reviewing documents so that real estate transactions can take place, real estate law also involves disputes and litigation. Real estate disputes can arise in various types of circumstances, including cases involving breaches of contract or landlord-tenant disputes. Litigation can also result from a party alleging that they have an interest in real property by filing a quiet title case, or in circumstances where a contractor or supplier files a mechanic’s lien in order to be paid fairly for work completed.

When real estate disputes occur, you may be able to negotiate a resolution with help from a Columbus real estate litigation lawyer, or reach a settlement through a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) like mediation or arbitration. When negotiation and alternative dispute resolution options will not result in a resolution or settlement, it may be necessary to turn to litigation with assistance from your real estate attorney.

Contact Kohl & Cook Law Firm

If you require assistance with any type of real estate matter in the Columbus area, a lawyer at our firm can assist you. From legal issues involving the rental or sale of residential and commercial property to real estate litigation, the lawyers at Kohl & Cook Law Firm are here to help. Contact our experienced Columbus real estate lawyer today for more information.

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