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Caleb Johnson

Caleb JohnsonCaleb Johnson is an accomplished Associate Attorney at Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC, specializing in consumer representation and expanding his expertise across various legal domains. He earned his Juris Doctorate with honors from Capital University Law School in 2022, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence. Before establishing himself in Ohio, Caleb graduated with a degree in business management and marketing from The Pennsylvania State University.

Caleb’s legal journey is marked by a dedication to providing top-notch representation to consumers. His decision to join Kohl and Cook Law Firm reflects his commitment to furthering his professional growth and contributing to the firm’s success. Prior to law school, Caleb worked for JPMorgan Chase Bank for thirteen years, which allows him to bring a unique perspective to his legal practice, enhancing his ability to address a wide range of client needs.

Caleb’s proactive approach to client advocacy and his academic achievements position him as a valuable asset to Kohl & Cook.

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