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Can A Foreclosure Defense Attorney Help Me Keep My Home?


Foreclosures are complicated affairs. If you’re facing foreclosure, then you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth it to hire a foreclosure defense attorney to represent you against the mortgage company. As with many legal questions, the answer is: it depends. Before you decide to hire a foreclosure defense attorney in Columbus or Dayton, OH, you’ll want to consider several factors. These include 1) whether or not you want to keep your home, 2) if you have a strong legal defense, 3) and what the state and federal laws are that apply to your foreclosure. You’ll also want to consider the cost of hiring a foreclosure defense attorney. In this article, the Columbus, OH foreclosure defense attorneys at Kohl & Cook will discuss foreclosure defense and how it can help you.

Foreclosure defense lawyers 

If a borrower defaults on their loan, then the mortgage lender can move to foreclose on the property. Often, the mortgage lender is represented by an attorney but the borrower usually represents themselves in these actions. When a homeowner decides to fight the foreclosure, they can elect to be represented by a foreclosure defense attorney. While it may seem like it only makes sense to hire a foreclosure defense attorney when you are trying to stop the foreclosure, there may be other good reasons to hire a foreclosure defense attorney.

Do you need to hire a foreclosure defense attorney? 

Often, borrowers represent themselves in foreclosure actions initiated by their lenders. Sometimes, they make this choice because they can’t afford to hire an attorney. Other times, they feel it may not be worth the money. However, below are five situations in which it makes sense to hire a foreclosure defense attorney.

  • You’re active-duty military – While being an active member of the military won’t stop your home from facing foreclosure, you do have special rights afforded under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This law aims to reduce some of the financial struggles that active duty servicemembers might face. It is a complex law, but if you are an active-duty servicemember facing foreclosure, you should consult with a foreclosure defense attorney to analyze your options.
  • You really want to keep your home – Whether you are simply attached to your place of residence or you’re in a great school district for your kids, if you want to do everything in your power to keep your home, you should consult with a foreclosure defense attorney.
  • Your loan servicer made a significant error with your mortgage – The foreclosure process is complex—not just for borrowers, but for lenders too. In some cases, lenders violate the law either unintentionally or to see what they can get away with. A homeowner may not know when this happens, but a foreclosure defense attorney will.
  • You have a legal defense to the foreclosure – In some cases, the lender initiating the foreclosure doesn’t own the mortgage on your home. In other cases, they may have foreclosed too early after you missed a payment. In either case, you may have a legal defense to the foreclosure.
  • You have a government-backed loan – Homeowners with government-backed loans may qualify for special foreclosure alternatives such as a loan modification program.

Talk to a Columbus, OH Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Today 

Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC represents the interests of homeowners in foreclosure defense actions. Call our Columbus foreclosure lawyers today to see if you have a valid legal defense to foreclosure.



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