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Category Archives: Foreclosure Defense


Unpaid Water Bills, Liens, & Foreclosure In Ohio

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

One of the most surprising aspects of real estate law in Ohio is that individuals can have a lien placed on their property for failing to pay a water bill – a lien which can then lead to foreclosure and losing your home – a move which, to many, sounds far too extreme. This… Read More »

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Discrimination & Predatory Mortgage Loan Modifications In Foreclosures

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

When foreclosures involve discrimination in terms of targeting specific homeowners for predatory mortgage loan modification services, and interfering with their ability to hold onto their homes in the process, these actions violate the Fair Housing Act. For example, those in violation of the law have, at times, falsely advertised that they can cut your… Read More »

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