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Category Archives: FCRA Claims/Credit Repair


How Do I Protect Myself From False Information On My Credit Report?

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

Consumers are often shocked to find accounts they don’t recognize on their credit reports. A lot of individuals have false information on their credit reports and they aren’t even aware of it. They find out quickly enough when they are denied a credit card, car loan, or mortgage. Then they scramble to try to… Read More »

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Will Disputing Errors On My Credit Report Damage My Credit Score?

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

Some of our clients have asked us this question, so we decided to make a blog post about it. Disputing errors on your credit report will not damage your credit score. In fact, it is your right as a consumer to dispute any inaccurate reporting that is hurting your credit score now. The Fair… Read More »

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