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Category Archives: FDCPA Claims Creditor Harassment


What Constitutes Creditor Harassment in Ohio?

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

Thousands of Ohio residents are struggling with debt and facing creditor harassment. If you count yourself among them, there are remedies at your disposal. Several state and federal laws prohibit specific tactics used by creditors and collections agencies to recover a debt. There is a process for filing complaints against creditors and debt collectors… Read More »

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How Does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Protect Me, As A Consumer?

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

The debt collection industry relies almost entirely on threats of intimidation with the hopes that consumers can be tricked into providing them with funds that they likely aren’t entitled to and the consumers are not legally required to provide them with, and medical bills are one of the most common subjects of debt collection… Read More »

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