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When Should You Hire A Consumer Law Attorney?


The federal government and the state of Ohio have a framework of laws in place that are designed to protect individual consumers from fraud or other illegal practices. These laws cover a range of actions such as identity theft, debt collection practices, credit reporting errors, telephone and text communications, and more. Sometimes, companies violate these laws.

In some cases, if the problem is relatively minor, you may be able to handle the issue on your own. In other situations, hiring a consumer law attorney is necessary to protect and preserve your rights.

In this article, the Columbus consumer law attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC will discuss how a consumer law attorney could help you deal with consumer law violations.

Are you the victim of identity theft? 

If another person used your personal or financial information without your permission, a consumer law attorney can help. When should you consider hiring a consumer law attorney?

  • When someone opens a new account in your name
  • When someone files a fraudulent tax return to obtain a refund in your name
  • When someone uses your personal identification information to obtain medical services
  • Any time there is an account on your credit report that you did not open

Your consumer law attorney will help protect and restore your name and your credit.

Are you dealing with debt collector harassment? 

If you are dealing with debt collector harassment, a consumer law attorney can help advocate on your behalf and hold the company accountable. Debt collectors are required to follow specific rules in an attempt to recover a debt. They are not allowed to be abusive or use profanity. They cannot threaten violence or other criminal activity. They cannot make false or misleading statements. They cannot legally tell others about your debt. They cannot ask you to pay illegal fees, expenses, or interest. A consumer protection lawyer can help stop debt collectors from illegally attempting to recover a debt.

Are there errors on your credit report? 

An error on your credit report can stop you from obtaining a credit line, credit card, mortgage, or car loan. You might even be denied housing. A consumer law attorney can help protect you if your credit report includes inaccurate information such as outdated records, someone else’s account, indications of fraudulent activity, and more.

Are you receiving unwanted phone calls or spam messages? 

Many folks find themselves buried in spam calls and messages, robocalls, or collection calls on their phone even after asking to be removed from the company’s contact list. If the conduct rises to the level of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), then a consumer protection attorney can help advocate on your behalf. You may be entitled to recover compensation for the repeated harassment.

Talk to a Columbus, OH Consumer Law Attorney Today 

The Columbus, OH consumer law attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC represent the interests of consumers in consumer claims. Call our office today to schedule an appointment, and we can begin discussing your situation right away.

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