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General Counsel Services For Small Businesses: Should I Hire An Attorney?


While many small business owners choose not to hire an attorney until a problem arises, there are numerous benefits to retaining a general counsel attorney for small businesses in Ohio. Running a small business can be challenging. Small business owners typically juggle numerous responsibilities. Having access to general counsel services can provide your business with several key advantages that protect you from predictable pitfalls. By working with an attorney who will guide you on various legal concerns, you can devise a successful business strategy that ensures your goals are achieved. In this article, the Columbus small business general counsel attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC will describe how we can help protect your business from potential legal issues that will stifle your growth.

Services that general counsel provides to Columbus, OH businesses 

General counsel for small businesses acts in a similar role to in-house lawyers. Our services can be beneficial to those who are unable to keep an attorney on their staff. General counsel is responsible for providing legal advice, guidance, and legal representation in matters related to your company’s operation. While you can hire outside attorneys to handle individual matters as they arise, a dedicated general counsel attorney can help anticipate legal issues that may cost your business money. In the long run, our services can help your business save potentially thousands of dollars in legal fees.

How can Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC help your small business? These are some of the ways other small businesses have benefited from our legal services.

  • Risk management – General counsel attorneys help small businesses identify potential risks and create strategies to mitigate them. We will review legal documents to ensure that your interests are protected. This includes documents such as employee contracts, business leases, and more.
  • Compliance – General counsel attorneys will help ensure your business is compliant with Ohio state and federal laws that regulate your business. We will keep informed about recent changes to the law to ensure that your business remains compliant at all times.
  • Litigation support services – General counsel attorneys provide support when your business is sued or becomes involved in a legal dispute. Your attorney will represent you during settlement negotiations or court proceedings which increases the chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Negotiations – General counsel attorneys can help you negotiate contracts with suppliers or establish partnerships with other businesses. We have the experience you need to ensure that your interests are protected and any agreements you enter into benefit your business.
  • Protecting your intellectual property – Your general counsel attorneys can help your business protect its intellectual property. This includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, and more. We can also assist you in registering your intellectual property and ensuring that other parties do not infringe upon it.
  • Employee contracts and disputes – General business counsel attorneys can help you draft employee contracts and handle disputes that arise among your employees. We can also ensure that your business complies with relevant state and federal labor laws. This will help you avoid lawsuits and disputes that may emerge.

Talk to a Columbus, OH General Counsel Attorney for Small Businesses 

Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC can help your small business protect itself from potential lawsuits and ensure compliance with relevant state and federal laws. Call our office today to schedule an appointment, and we can begin discussing your goals right away.

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