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Ohio Foreclosure Defense & Consumer Law > Blog > General Counsel > How Can A General Counsel Business Lawyer Help My Columbus Business?

How Can A General Counsel Business Lawyer Help My Columbus Business?


While some larger companies can afford to hire in-house counsel, it will make sense for several smaller businesses to hire attorneys on a per-situation basis. This can be a more affordable option for several small businesses. Here at Kohl & Cook, we help small businesses with a wide variety of situational needs. In this article, our attorneys will discuss how a Columbus general counsel lawyer can help your small business.

Business formation and entity formation 

Forming a new business is an exciting time. Kohl & Cook can help you with several aspects of entity formation. This includes deciding what corporate structure is best for you. It also means providing personalized legal and tax advice as well as setting up an infrastructure to manage your finances.

Licensing your business in Columbus, OH 

Kohl & Cook Law Firm can help you license your business in Ohio. Once you choose a corporate structure for your business, our attorneys can help you file the necessary documents with regulatory agencies. These documents will need to be filed with a Secretary of State in Ohio. Your business may also need to seek a specialized license with a state agency. Our attorneys can help you identify which documents need to be filed, which licenses you will need, and where to file them.

Contract drafting including business-to-business contracts and employee contracts 

Kohl & Cook law firm can help your business draft legal contracts with other businesses or your employees. Our attorneys provide contract drafting, contract review, and contract enforcement services. By drafting ironclad contracts, we can help your business save money in the long run.

Crafting employee handbooks 

Lawsuits filed by employees on the basis of discrimination or other matters are a serious problem for Columbus businesses. A good employee handbook can save your business the struggle of dealing with sexual harassment lawsuits by providing employees with an upfront notice of how such situations are managed. Kohl & Cook can help you draft a comprehensive employee handbook that insulates you from legal problems down the road.

Complying with federal and state laws 

There are numerous regulatory rules that your company will have to abide by. Kohl & Cook offers Columbus businesses advice on how to comply with wage and hour laws as well as employment discrimination laws. If you are facing a complaint by an employee, our attorneys can help you manage the situation in a way that insulates you from litigation.

Negotiating when a breach of contract occurs 

Kohl & Cook can help you manage a breach of contract situation with another business. Often, these situations are tense and cost you money. If the matter needs to be litigated, then Kohl & Cook can help your company defend itself and advocate on your behalf.

Talk to a Columbus General Business Counsel Attorney Today 

Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC represents the interests of Columbus and Dayton, OH business owners in a wide variety of areas. Call our office today to schedule an appointment, and we can begin discussing your business right away.

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