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Monthly Archives: January 2023


Ex-Employees, Social Media Accounts, & Civil Litigation

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

One of the common areas where questions arise concerning the intersection of business torts and breach of contract has to do with what rights and obligations both employers and employees have when employees leave that employer’s workplace. One specific area where this question arises involves social media accounts that employees have used, including those… Read More »

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Supplement Claims That Violate Consumer Protection Laws

By Kohl & Cook Law Firm LLC |

A major consumer protection issue that has emerged since the onset of COVID in 2020 involves supplement products that claim to help cure, treat, prevent, and/or mitigate the illness. According to the FTC, these claims violate both the FTC Act and the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act, opening a number of companies that sell the… Read More »

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